The Corporation and the Hacker

Writing Prompt:
“Classical stories adapted to a cyberpunk setting”

Once when the wealthy and corrupt Board of Directors for a huge international conglomerate was assembled for a shareholder meeting, the youngest boy in a poverty-stricken family living in one of the countless slums of his country began infiltrating the conglomerate’s database with a computer he’d assembled from spare parts he’d found. This soon alerted the Board of Directors, who tracked the naive boy’s IP and called in a band of ruthless mercenaries to bring him in.

Mercy, oh B of D,” frantically typed the low-income youth: “forgive me this once, and I’ll never forget it: who could guess how I might be able to benefit you in the future?

The Board of Directors was so amused by the notion of this youth being able to help them, that they called off their mercenaries and let him go free.

Some time later the conglomerate was caught in a particularly nasty lawsuit, and the attorneys who wished to bring them to justice for unsanctioned human experimentation with biological implants, tied the Board of Directors up in court while a group of plucky tech-enthusiasts covertly accessed their mainframe.

Just then the naive youth happened to find encrypted data on the dark web detailing the plucky group’s plans, and seeing the dire straits in which the conglomerate was, brute forced his way into the mainframe as well and soon had heavily encrypted all incriminating data and hidden it away behind an impenetrable firewall.

What did I tell you?” messaged the youth to the Board.


(This is a re-imagining of Aesop’s fable The Lion and the Mouse)


Original Prompt: Reddit – Classical Cyberpunk

The Corporation and the Hacker

The Louisville Lip

Writing Prompt:
“Just as Jafar is about to convince the Sultan to marry his daughter Jasmine to him, wild cheering can be heard outside the castle walls. Upon further inspection they see a crowd of people welcoming the arrival of a foreign prince, Muhammad Ali!”


Hey, clear the way to the roped off ring,
Hey you! Let us through, it’s the boxing king,
Just don’t piss him off, or he’ll stuff you in the can!
Get up!
Grab a beer!
Clap your hands!
Scream and cheer!
You’re gonna love this man!

Cassius Clay – Such a B.A. – call him Muhammad.
Knock you out in the first bout,
Flat on your ass.
The Greatest, that is for sure,
The pugilist we prefer,
So come and see the incredible fighting Cass!

Mr. Ali – I guarantee, he’ll take the title.
Stronger than other great men, don’t you agree?
Sent Liston running in fear!
And he brought Foreman to tears!
The best at kicking your rear –
Muhammad Ali!

He had three separate heavyweight titles
56th win in ’78
He’s an expert at hitting your vitals
Has he gotta right
That’ll end the fight!
Oh, I’m telling you that he’s great!

Cassius Clay – better make way, or he’ll destroy you.
The People’s Champ – sounds a bit camp – his sobriquet,
Just watch the ladies all scream
And see the fellas turn green
A lean, mean, fighting machine!
That Cassius Clay!

All this time, he has only five losses
Started fighting before puberty
In a game, he’d beat all of the bosses
Making them drop
With a right chop
It’s a wondrous sight to see!
Oh, Ali!
Muhammad Ali!

Mr. Ali – from Kentucky, he is a winner.
Jasmine may land him today, if she’s lucky.
He’s an unstoppable force,
No mercy and no remorse!

‘Cause no one can hit
What they can’t see,
Floats like a butterfly
Stings like a bee,
He ducks and shuffles and jabs and pummels
And wins the scuffles with glee!
The Greatest!
Muhammad Aliiiiiiii!

Original Prompt: Reddit – Muhammad Ali

The Louisville Lip