Constrained Sonnets

Constrained Writing:
“You can only speak using words that don’t include the letter ‘s’.”

‘Twould be quite trying to achieve the feat
That OP laid before unready we,
But common text might bring about defeat-
To that end Bardic Rhyme my entry be.
My doggerel, therefore, will remain rough-hewn
All on account of leaving out that rune.

Follow-up Challenge:
“Well, look here, we’ve got a bloody wizard of language over here, now don’t we? I wonder how long you can keep up that peculiar form of writing if we were to remove another letter? I can think of no greater feat than omitting the letter ‘R.’ If you can manage that my dear friend, than you have me beat, I would like to see this play out…

A second sonnet shall unseat my foe,
Iambic ballad to defend my due.
So simple to sustain this icy flow.
Yet not one taboo symbol within view.
The one songsmith is me, no doubt at all.
A title that is not about to fall.

But maybe you meant not one of the two?
I think that I can manage that quite well.
One might begin to puzzle how I do,
But that, my chum, I’m not about to tell.
I dominate the poetic tableau
And now would be the ideal time to go.


Original Prompt: Reddit – No “S” Challenge

Constrained Sonnets