Captain Constance

Writing prompt:
You are an immortal who is on death row.”

The thing about eternal life, m’lads, is that a life sentence is a far more serious punishment than if ‘twer otherwise. How fortunate for meself, then, that the grand tradition of Piracy now be a capital offense.

I’ve plowed the seven seas for more than thrice the span of a mortal man, and amassed more riches in that time than Kings dream of. Gold doubloons, pieces of eight, priceless art, jewelry, idols, gems and pearls festooned about me hidden trove! I’ve sent more galleons to Davy Jones than the Kraken and made bilge-sucking landlubbers of every man jack to pursue me ship, the mighty and inescapable Lusca. None can stand against me man-o-war, and sure’n if I don’t take advantage. I rule these waters with a golden fist, I terrorize nations and governments, and that be why my capture and eventual execution be such an embarrassment to the legendary name of Cap’n Constance.

Of course, the hempen halter hold no fear for an immortal being such as meself. This will be far from the first time I’ve suffered a pernicious penalty, and certainly shan’t be the last. Death has no hold upon me, for I am blessed (and I do mean blessed. I’ll cleave to the brisket any scurvy dog who claims undeath to be a curse) with a life that always returns like the tides of the sea, and I merely bide me time until the spectators clear and I may return to this mortal coil and me precious Lusca. Then I shall return, and keelhaul the lot of them.


Original Prompt: Reddit – Immortal

Captain Constance