Writing Prompt:
“Write a story without any characters.”

All was still, a portrait of serenity. There was no disturbance of any kind until a soft zephyr lazily wafted by, gently caressing the earth and stirring the leaves scattered about the grassy carpet. A pair was caught up in the breeze, carried along with it, dancing in circles with one another. They spiraled through the cool, humid air, oblivious to the world, not caring for themselves, not caring for each other. They were at the mercy of the current, which was in turn at the whim of atmospheric pressure, which was a slave to the heat of the sun. Balance reigned over all.

The fated couple twirled and floated past obelisks, giant, empty stone husks. Titanic monoliths that seemed to claw at the sky, they were rendered impotent. Gaping mouths and empty eyes loomed threateningly over them, but nothing issued from the hollow beasts apart from hanging green tendrils of vegetation. They were still.

The pair of star-crossed lovers twisted through and around enormous serpents, like the endless coils of a lifeless grey ouroboros. Steely scales glinted between the bushes and ferns that overwhelmed the behemoths. Some lay flat along the ground, snaking between the obelisks. Some contorted and wriggled through the air, sending forth shoots and tendrils to plunge into the earth. Some tunneled below the surface, undermining the land. All were still.

The twosome drifted over gleaming white scaffolding, dwarfed by the legendary monsters surrounding them, but scattered everywhere. They knew not the purpose of the cages, the domes, the beams and joints laid out beneath them, for they had no will of their own with which to question such things. The frameworks simply lay there, placid and still.

The leaves wound toward their ultimate destiny, never contemplating their nature, but simply accepting their fate. The zephyr carried them onward towards the horizon, and the air fell back into tranquility. All was still.


Original Prompt: Reddit – No Characters


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