Writing Prompt:
“Some days, I love my job. Those days are the worst.”

It came too early. We weren’t expecting it for at least another hour. I’d have called MacCallan a liar if I couldn’t see it with my own eyes through the window. I knew there was no sense in arguing against the obvious, however, and so quietly shifted my mind up a gear or two.

“Alright, this is it then. You know the drill; I need you here 20 minutes ago. I’ll contact Travers, you pick her up on the way. See you soon.”

I didn’t wait for a reply. I had both my associates’ numbers saved as favorites, and was speaking to Isabella Travers inside of ten seconds. “Izzy? It’s Don.”

I wasted no time, quickly making my way around my cluttered bedroom and gathering gear as I coolly relayed her orders. “Get your things.” Knapsack. “We don’t have much time.” Laptop. “Andy will swing by soon.” 4K Camcorder. “Have the radiosonde ready.” I ended the call again, not worrying about social niceties. They were both fully aware of the situation, and knew we couldn’t afford any delays. I snatched up my travel kit, a small cooler filled with various snacks and beverages with a medical kit bonded to the outside, and hoisted my now full knapsack onto my shoulder.

I didn’t need to hurry down the six flights of stairs from my apartment door to the nearly empty street below; MacCallan would be another few minutes regardless. Still, the excitement bubbling up inside of me forced my feet to dash recklessly down the staircase. As I stood, bouncing lightly on my toes, waiting impatiently for the two to arrive, I couldn’t help but smile. An EF3 was coming through, and it promised to be beautiful.

Finally Andy appeared, coming to an abrupt halt in the extensively reinforced pickup we had created ourselves. Izzy waved to me from the passenger seat. All told it took him just over fourteen minutes to make it to my place. I ran to the vehicle, tossed my things in on Izzy’s lap, and climbed into the truck bed. As I strapped myself into a heavy-duty standing harness bolted to the cabin, I caught sight of the storm rolling by in the distance, and was struck by how dead the city seemed with no one out on the streets in the middle of the day. For just a moment, I reflected on how strange it was that I should be feeling such exhilaration while the rest of the populace hid indoors, fearing for their lives and those of their loved ones. It made me feel almost guilty.

The feeling quickly transformed, however, into a tremendous sense of freedom and individuality as Andy laid on the accelerator. I grinned into the increasingly fierce wind and started my camcorder recording in its waterproof case. I could just make out the first few bars of “Ride of the Valkyries” blasting from the radio inside the truck cabin. “Once more unto the breach,” I whispered.


Original Prompt: Reddit – Worst Days


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