Writing Prompt:
“It is your job to “interrogate” one of the most ruthless terrorists that ever lived. Due to budget cuts, the only tools you have are: An easy bake oven, a flashlight, and, 1 pound of vanilla frosting.”

His gaze was cowed
His jaw was tight
But I knew I was in the right
He sat restrained
Upon a chair
Tied up and mutely fuming there

Here was a foe
To all of Man
Left here to suffer by my hand
But hardly could
I stomach that
Instead I’d try and trick the rat

I smiled at him
A charming grin
I said, “Hello,” and smiled again
Then I revealed
An oven small
Atop a table by the wall

Both pink and white,
A lovely sight
For someone struggling with his fright
And resting near,
A glistening mound
Vanilla frosting, ’bout a pound

I offered him
A tasty treat
A dozen cupcakes, short and sweet
And for each one
Each frosted dome
His terror-tummy would be home

He nodded then
His eyes aflame
And then fell victim to my game
His hunger for
These teeny cakes
Made him agree to all my stakes

He spilled his guts
Told all we’d need
Just hoping for a little feed
But I just laughed
and pointed then
Said, “Wait,” and then I laughed again

I flipped a switch
The lights went out
A flashlight then I brought about
Upon my face
An eerie glow
And spookily I told him, “No.”


Original Prompt: Reddit – Interrogation


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